Hello everyone :)

Hello everyone :)
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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Fashion wholesaler

Looking for a fashion wholesaler website?

Check this out and click on the link http://www.fashion-wholesaler.co.uk/shop/
Fab website offering fashionable range for everyone in a wholesale price and take note no minimum purchased needed. Also lots of opportunities being advertised on their website such as drop shipped facility available and worldwide distributor required as well so perfect for all traders out there whose niche is on the fashion department. They are also on look for a model and blogger so why don't you try your luck. As for me
Im already their in house blogger and will try and review their product from their websites. I will be updating daily new range, promo, opportunity, exciting news and etc...from their website. So why not try their product and services. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Wanted free clothes that i can model and blog

Fashion is one of my passion but I'm more into a fashion bargain hunting bcos it's proved that you can still be a fashionista without breaking the bank. I love modelling clothes as well like the pictures above however I'm not a model but would be interested for a catalogue modelling if being offered why not, so i have come up an idea that  is fun and economical both for fashion retailer and fashion blogger. I can be your freelance model and blogger :) all i want is to be sent with free fashionable products such as clothes, bag, accessories etc...and in return i will model them through comfort of my own place and snap shot like the pictures above then i will also blog about your products and advertised them through all my social networking account and you can use my picture as your catalogue modelling purposes if you want too isn't that a lovely idea? It will give a good exposure to your products plus a free model or catalogue pictures for your selling item and all i want is to be sent with freebies as modelling clothes is just a hobby so if anyone interested with this idea just give me a buzz on my email add. Im looking forward to hear any good offer. I would love to work with fashion industry one day :)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Confession of a Carboot shopaholic

Pppssstt...i have a confession to make lol....since discovering Carboot and started haggling clothes and getting them in a very cheap prices makes me a regular Carboot shopper. Yeah i know carboot looks like a place full of rubbish of unwanted stuff being clear out by the seller. But hold on a minute as they say others rubbish will be others treasure. Every time I'm at the Carboot i feel like I'm rich as i can buy whatever i want plus gives me that exciting feeling of what i can find from others treasure and its an absolute bargain as prices of clothes range from 50pence to £1,£2, etc from hight street to some designer pieces or some vintage its heaven!!! Or you might even get them free at the end or 20pence an item but you'll just have the patience to rummage through their things. Soon i will share pic of my carboot best buys.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bargain hunt of the week

I have bought these winter boots from www.everything5pounds.com
This is £5 which is brand new comes in a box and paid £3.95 for the p&p. I'm happy with my purchased and really true with size. It felt warm and comfortable for a fiver. Im looking forward more in buying boots from them its just that its always get sold out quickly as they are popular because of their cheap price and yet excellent quality of product. I would highly recommend these website.

Website selling everything £5 and under


Above is a list of good websites however i haven't tried and tested them all apart from everything5pounds.com
In which I'm already a regular customer of them. I usually buy my boots from them considering its hard to find a cheaper yet good quality of winter boots and i think they Are the cheapest yet good quality i can find even you pay £3.99 for the p&p per item still cheap for a winter boots. I went to Portsmouth the other day and ended having a window shopping instead as even sale rail prices still quite expensive. Try this websites yourself and I'm sure you'll be happy too with your purchased. Happy shopping everyone :)

Monday, 24 September 2012


Who wants freebie? I was thinking about giving away freebie every months from my selling page. Only uk reader please! You only needs to comment and participate in my blog or recommend me to others as in that way i can get a traffic as i don't know how to do it myself lol. Then everyone will be put in a draw and winner will get a freebie or whoever the most who recommends me and bring readers in my blog then will be the winner or will get something as well. Isn't fun?