Hello everyone :)

Hello everyone :)
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Monday, 25 January 2016

I'm back ❤️❤️❤️

Hello everyone, 
I'm back 😍😍😍 here are few of my emote :) as you know I love modelling so I love striking a pose, selfie and to do ootd as I love clothes. Will try and enjoy my blog this time. 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Opportunities at www.fashion-wholesaler.co.uk

Who wants to start up an online business in fashion line without spending a penny? 

They will provide everything from your own website to items to sell all free of cost. All they require is passion for fashion and good writing skills. Also Worldwide distributor required and drop shipping facility available all at www.fashion-wholesaler.co.uk

Visit the website for more details. To everyone out there...this is your opportunity to shine. Also lots of job opportunities being advertised so check it out. You can also do your clothes shopping here and take advantage on their wholesaler price without minimum purchased required. Im just their blogger so if you have any question please go to their websites for more details and inquiry pls contact their admin. Their email address is mail@globalfashionlinks.com

Goodluck everyone xxx lots of opportunity in this website :) apply now whilst they are growing their team.  

Monday, 15 July 2013

Wanted free clothes that i can model and blog

Fashion is one of my passion but I'm more into a fashion bargain hunting bcos it's proved that you can still be a fashionista without breaking the bank. I love modelling clothes as well like the pictures above however I'm not a model but would be interested for a catalogue modelling if being offered why not, so i have come up an idea that  is fun and economical both for fashion retailer and fashion blogger. I can be your freelance model and blogger :) all i want is to be sent with free fashionable products such as clothes, bag, accessories etc...and in return i will model them through comfort of my own place and snap shot like the pictures above then i will also blog about your products and advertised them through all my social networking account and you can use my picture as your catalogue modelling purposes if you want too isn't that a lovely idea? It will give a good exposure to your products plus a free model or catalogue pictures for your selling item and all i want is to be sent with freebies as modelling clothes is just a hobby so if anyone interested with this idea just give me a buzz on my email add. Im looking forward to hear any good offer. I would love to work with fashion industry one day :)