Hello everyone :)

Hello everyone :)
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Monday, 25 January 2016

I'm back ❤️❤️❤️

Hello everyone, 
I'm back ������ here are few of my emote :) as you know I love modelling so I love striking a pose, selfie and to do ootd as I love clothes. Will try and enjoy my blog this time. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fashion bargain find competition

Anyone would like to share their fashion bargain find? Well i will be sharing few of mine...but first guess how much i spent on them first. Will show pictures and will tell you my fashion expenditure haha...you won't believe it...i didn't spend £10 for the whole looks from top to bottom lol. 

Dress from lipsy got it from carboot for £2.50
Clutch from newlook got it for .50 pence from carboot
Shoes i think from debenham got it for £1 from carboot 
Total spend for a party fashion steal is £4 haha...can you believe it???? 

Here for a fashion work wear bargain hunt

Dress got it from swapping @vinteduk i just spend maybe £2.70 for posting the dress i swap with it.
Blazer from h&m got it for £1.50 from carboot
Bag from newlook got it for £1 from carboot
Shoes from debenham i think got it for £1 from carboot

Total expenditures £6.20 for this smart looking office work wear haha...

Anyone can beat my fashion bargain hunt :) feel free to share yours xoxo

Blogging again :) check out this new bonus coupons from morrisons :)

Hi there everyone, its been a long time since i abandoned my blog site lol...well i have a good reason behind it and that's because i got pregnant and gave birth last april this year so has been very busy. Well, as i love surfing the net and realised i love to blog again even tho i don't have much a fan yet as long as i will enjoy it and might be able to help other people with anything. By the way, check this out bonus coupons from morrisons :) hope you can get yourself one of these leaflet being put thru the mail door or visit your local store today :) 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas gift ideas???

The answer is recycle :) yeah! And what i mean by recycling is that look for your new but unused and unwanted stuff that can be wrap up as a present which i did as i didn't had time shopping plus money to buy lots of christmas gift for everyone. What i did is i had a clear out with my wardobe. I found that i have lots of new clothes, bag, accessories, make up etc that i don't want and i don't used and they are still new with tag and unused so in excellent condition. I wrap them all and and gave them as a christmas present to all my friends :) im so happy i did this bcos i clear out at the same time and save money yeahhhh!!!! This coming 2014 my goal is to be thrifty and wise with money. I want to save and make money and will share everything here so watch out! Best wishes everone. Merry christmas and a happy new year!!! 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

10 percent discount at www.16sixty.com

Being a blogger to global fashion link...all my referral customers will get to enjoy a 10 percent discount if you shop at http://16sixty.com/shop/ just put EPRIL10 as a promotional code on your way to check out.  Check out the website for your fashion fix everyone :) 

Friday, 29 November 2013

List of wholesalers/drop-shippers websites all uk based supplier plus some special tips in reselling.

List of wholesalers/drop-shippers websites all uk based suppliers plus some special tips in reselling.  

Summary of Wholesale and drop shipping websites in the uk all been for clothing, designer wear, footwear and hand bags. All websites can be found some required log in to see prices some have minimum order, some are drop shipping. 


Wholesale and drop shipping websites directory for all categories


Wholesale clothing directory


Good websites for shopping clothes for yourself as they are cheap.


Special tips i've learned from reselling :)

It took me how many hours to look for uk based wholesaler/ drop-shippers websites for clothing supplier but the cheapest place to buy items to sell will be from car boot and also ebay wholesale joblots. Wholesale websites supplier will charge you the unit price of the item plus delivery charge plus 20 percent vat which will make it all difficult to resell unless they are worth trying first to see the market so check them out and compare. 

Drop shipping is the best as you don't need to spend money and a space for the stock. Drop shipping suppliers will do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is copy their products into your ebay, facebook selling page or online website and if somebody bought let say you put a dress for £10 and once payment received from the buyer then order and pay the item to the supplier lets say only £5 and you keep the rest and they will send the item to your customer directly from them ( make sure all recorded delivery plus include postage charge on buyers cost ) and thats what they call drop shipping but makes sure your aware with all the postage cost plus return policy etc...best to always ask them through email or phone etc.

Online bargain can be found from ebay joblots and wholsale category as most of the wholesaler are all there. 

Best to try carboot buying and resell them in facebook and ebay because in that way you won't loose a lot of money. Reselling won't make you rich or something but just gives you some extra few pounds :)

Facebook selling is free unlike ebay which charges 20 percent of the final sales plus insertion, pictures etc....

I did the research of this information  so pls do not copy, distribute or sell this in ebay And please take the credit on me by following my blog and promoting it to get more follower. I will always be sharing all my research and review here so its worth subscribing and following my blog. Im giving away this list for free and all im just asking is giving back credit to me and to my blog. Thank you!

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