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Hello everyone :)
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Saturday, 7 May 2016

TRUE originalTM unisex black wayfarer style mirrored polarised sunglasses review

Currently £29.99 at Amazon at the time of the review 

The whole family loves this sunglasses that when I tried them on, my kids got excited and insist to try them on as well. Hubby tried them first when they arrive but didn't had the chance to photograph him. This arrive in a looking expensive box packaging with the brand name of true vision,  perfect to give as a gift as the presentation is just excellent and designer like. Inside comes the pouch, drawstring bag and cleaning clothes all branded with true vision logo. Then there is the amazing and trendy looking wayfarer sunglasses. It looks high quality, clean and you can even use it as a mirror for your face as the lense are very clear. When you tried it on, it fits comfortably on the bridge of the nose and back of your ear and even to my kids which makes them looks cool even though it's a bit big for them. When in use, the view is very clear and you can definitely tell that the lenses are made of high quality material and has a good benefit on the eyes when expose to the direct sunlight as no glare. Looking at the pictures as well while wearing it does looks fashionable. I was amaze by the quality of the presentation and everything that was put into this product. This can definitely match or beat designer brand and already a winner especially in terms of the price. I use to have rayban but got scratched easily and this has a scratch protection and plus one year product guarantee so you can assure that it's a really good quality. I'm really impress with this product and we definitely recommend it to everyone. I was also lucky to be able to buy them both to compare which one is better but I must admit they both look and feel good and definitely looking expensive sunglasses with a good quality. I really love this product and can't praise this enough. Please see our pictures and you can tell that even my kids love them.


I was kindly offered to purchase this product at a discounted price or free for my honest review.

I know people can be sceptical with reviews left by people whom have received items discounted or free. But I am not affiliated with Amazon or the seller and this doesn't influence my feedback in any way so if I find an item needs improvement then I will give my full honest opinion.

I do have a short time frame to review these item which means that I cannot provide details of the long term benefits of a product but will always try to give as much information in terms of my initial experience or impression of the product.

Thank you x