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Sunday, 1 May 2016

List of wholesaler / drop shipper uk based site, where to sell plus some tips in selling. Also freebies site, saving app money and review club etc

List of wholesaler / drop shipper uk based site, where to sell plus some tips in selling. Also freebies site, saving app money and review club etc 

Summary of Wholesale and drop shipping websites in the uk all been for clothing, designer wear, footwear and hand bags. All websites can be found some required log in to see prices some have minimum order, some are drop shipping.

Wholesale / drop shipping sites uk


Clearance website of catalogue products


Wholesale and drop shipping websites directory for all categories


Wholesale clothing directory


Good websites for shopping clothes or other stuff for yourself as they are cheap.

Sites and app for selling

Facebook - Tried and tested. clear out and sell by joining lots of selling group locally. This way you don't need to pay fees to site such as eBay n PayPal etc. People will come and collect it from you and pay cash. But beware of time waster people and don't let anyone you don't know at your house. Always give the item at your door. Furniture and household stuff do sells very quickly here. Also once you uploaded picture you need to constantly advertise it by bumping to keep your listing back on top just by commenting. People are usually more online at night time.

Vinted- this is an app. Tried and tested. 15 percent fees to pay when selling here. You can sell or swap as well but beware of scammers. I got scammed here few times by swapping so just selling now but also got good swap before. Clothes and accessories for all gender and age. 

Depop- this is an app. Tried and tested. Instagram style, gain attention from following and liking items. Quick and easy to upload. 10 percent fees to pay here. 

Shpock- this is an app. Tried and tested and free to use it unless willing to pay. You can post or buyer to collect locally.

 eBay- I would say one of the best. tried and tested and loads of audience as can be viewed worldwide and easy to sell but only few profit after all the eBay and PayPal fees that being invoice monthly. It's better to be a private seller and take advantage on free listing being offered sometimes and take note once you list your item do not put the option " automatically relist your item " bcos I've learn this is where I got charge loads from the insertion fees. 

Selling in eBay 

1. If your just clearing out then it's better to be a private seller and takes advantage of free listing being offered sometimes but when listing don't opt for automatically relist your item as it will incur insertion fees when it relist without being on the free listing offer. This is how I got charge loads in eBay.
2. Sell your items in auction format starting at 99p or buy it now with best offer option plus check eBay pricing suggestion as a guide.
3. Don't waste time selling products in poor condition. Sometimes clothes may needs freshen up or ironed otherwise be honest if it's needs freshen up or ironing as You don't want complaints or negative feedback.
4. Include key words in your title and take advantage of the full character limit.
5. Photograph your product in good lighting with a plain background. For clothing, try to wear the item yourself or used hanging mannequin as this gives buyers a much better idea of how it will look. Sometimes buyer ask for measurement information as well.
6. Make sure your items end at peak viewing times - around 7pm to 10pm is the perfect timing. 
7. Building a good seller standard will place your items higher in search results. This depends on things such as feedback percentage, number of sales and, quick postage and response time to messages.
8. Offer free postage to increase viewing and watcher.
9. Keep organised. You don't want to end up listing something you've already sold and disappointing a buyer. This happened to me lol 
10. Post when you say you will or sooner, or you'll end up with lots of angry messages.
11. Don't give up the first time something doesn't sell for what you'd hoped for. It's a competitive market, so don't give up Just keep trying  and relisting or change the price etc and think of it like a game which is better than wasting time in Facebook scrolling, watching videos and playing games atleast selling can be rewarding with both space and a bit of money.
12. Observe what sells in eBay by looking at every category on sold items or completed listing. You will learn a lot from it. 
13. Take advantage on some listing that start at 99 pence or job lots that you can buy and resell individually. It's cheaper to buy from eBay wholesale category rather than wholesale sites as they charges 20 percent vat as well plus postage on top of per item's price. Sometimes you can get a good bargain from eBay. 
14. Make sure you are aware of postage cost on different weight and class or your end up covering the cost and you won't get any profit. Get to know Royal Mail price and other courier service such as Hermes etc. Also on every item you list you consider eBay and PayPal fees before putting a price on your listing 
15. eBay charge 10 percent of the total price of each item including postage plus PayPal charge 3.4 percent and plus 20pence on every transaction.  

Happy sale - this is an app where you can list for free. Tried as tested and sold here few times. 

Consignment shop- tried and tested. Perfect if you have one locally to your place. This is a shop where you can take your clothes and they will choose what to stay in there shop for let's say 1 month and if your stuff does get sell then you split it 50-50 so you get paid either cash or cheque but every consignment shop is different so ask their guidelines :) 

Special tips i've learned from selling through my own experience :)

If you don't have money to spend for stocks to sell then it's best to clear out your own stuff or friends and relatives stuff as you won't lose money and means more space for you. 
If you love buying anything and you have a money to spend and space for a stock then one of the best and cheap place is carboot sale and charity shop or eBay wholesale/ job lot category as most of the wholesaler are here. This is perfect if you have time to go carboot but beware that some seller are dishonest. You might get some damage stuff if you don't check it properly and just waste your time and money. Same in eBay some seller are dishonest as well. Also clothes from the carboot sometimes needs washing and ironing as they either have smell or from smoker or have pet hair. Best to check them very well if your planning to resell them elsewhere. Plus consider the price bcos no point selling them if they are nearly like shop price. 

Wholesale websites supplier will charge you the unit price per item plus Vat and you also pay delivery charge which make it all difficult to resell unless you have your own shop or planning to start your own business online so might worth trying them to see the market and compare it to other supplier.

Drop shipping example

Drop shipper item is £5
Copy and paste picture and description to your selling site such as eBay for let's say £10 plus postage cost then once listing sold and payment received you go to the drop shipper site and buy the item and put your customer address then pay and what's left is your profit ( after item's cost, postage and selling site fees ) is your real profit so make sure you make price adjustment. The drop shipper supplier will then do the packing and posting directly to your customer. You will only gain with small profit but atleast do didn't spend anything but your time. But make sure your aware with all the postage cost plus return policy etc...best to always inquire through email or phone. 

Selling won't make you rich but gives you some extra money. However it needs effort as it can be hard work after taking pictures of the item individually, uploading them to the site or advertising them then customer service where you answer question then posting and packing. This is perfect as a part time source of extra income if you have free time and enjoy buying and selling. You might do well in the future if you do this as a full time business by opening an eBay shop and have a niche product to sell but you need money to start with and supplier. Goodluck :) 

Freebies site / app or sites for vouchers, rewards, etc

Facebook- find groups that are local to your area free to collect or free stuff

Friday add free to collector - some local freebies

Lates free stuff - both app or sites, I checked this regularly and got few nice bits

You can get some freebie here or print vouchers/ coupon to be used in the shop.

If you have Amazon account this is perfect as some seller are giving away item for free or discount in return for a review.  

Hot uk deals - app or websites, one of my favourites as you always get updates on any sales, freebies or even competition. Also feedback from everyone who tried and test them etc.

Shopitize is an app I used to get cash back on food shopping etc, see what's on offer, buy the item and upload receipt for cash back. Tried and tested withdraw my cash back. 

Check out smart- same as shopitize get cash back after uploading receipt. 

Receipt Hog is an app I used to upload all my receipt after food shopping, gasoline etc. Points will accumulate for a reward.

Omg be a product tester review for tesco and receipt a voucher and discount. Tried and tested.

Freebie site